Meet the x2y team

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly and helpful lot at x2y. Here's what we have to say about ourselves. Think of it as a personal introduction

Andrew Travers
Youth Worker

Howdy – My name is Andrew and I’ve been a Youth Worker with x2y since August 2016. The best part of this fantastic youth group is seeing the confidence grow in all our young people as they explore who they are in a safe space and meet new friends. Personality is more important in life than sexuality or gender.

My background is Sexual Health Education and Communication; I’m currently hiding the grey in my beard with different colours and if I had one wish it would be that Dinosaurs existed, Jurassic Park was real and I worked there on the T-Rex or Spinosaurus enclosure.

Nicky Howells
Youth Worker

I’m Nicky and I’ve had the privilege of being part of x2y since 2002. I have watched our group grow and change over the many years. I’m proud of every single person who had walked through our doors and glad to have supported everyone that has had the courage to step out of the closet and shine.

Emma Savage
Youth Worker

Hiya. I’m Emma!

Ash Williams
Hey! I’m Ash one of the mentors for X2Y and from South Wales. I’ve recently graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a Masters degree in forensic science and I’m now doing a PGCE to become a further education teacher. For the academic year 18/19, I’m the chair of the LGBT+ student society at the university.
Jo MacCarrison
Mentor / Trustee
Hello! I’m Jo I’m a mentor for X2Y and trustee for X2Y for a year. I’m currently a third year midwifery student at the University of Wolverhampton as well as vice-chair for the LGBT+ society at the uni. I’m loving helping out with the charity and seeing how it all works from every angle.
Sela Hendrix
Hi! I’m Sela and from the Netherlands. I am one of the mentors and also support co-ordinator for the LGBT+ society at the University of Wolverhampton. I am a third year student studying international hospitality management.

The Trustees

Ruth Wilson
Chair of Trustees

Hi, I’m Ruth. I was a teacher for 20 years, but now work as a freelance Equalities Consultant, specialising in education. I’ve had links with x2y for more than 10 years and joined the board when we set up as an independent organisation in 2014.

Dane Smith

Hi, I’m Dane. I work in Education, specialising in Special Needs and the Arts/Heritage/Conservation Sector. I’ve been a member of the board since June 2018.

Ryan Tallon
Trustee and Mentor

Hiya. I'm Ryan!

Josh Goodwin

Hi! I'm Josh!

Jane Bamber

Hiya! I'm Jane