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Complaints Procedure

At x2y LGBT youth group we aim to provide the best possible service for young people, staff and volunteers, but understand that we may not always succeed. It is therefore important that we have a complaints procedure that is open to everyone to use if they feel we have not achieved this.

We recognise that it can be difficult for people to complain, especially in a small organisation, and in particular if your complaint is about someone who is in a position of authority. However, if there is a problem we need to know about it so that we can improve our services. We welcome constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn.

The trustees of x2y will listen and take note of any complaints in a non-judgemental way and do our best to deal with them fairly. If we find we have done something wrong, we will apologise and, if necessary, make changes to our practice. This policy is displayed on the x2y website so that it is available to everyone.

If you are a group member and there is something at the group you are not happy with, please speak to the staff or mentors with any concerns you may have. If you are still dissatisfied we would like to know, so please follow the procedure described below.


  1. If you would like to make a complaint about x2y, or to make sure we are aware of a problem, please email the board of trustees on feedback@x2y.org.uk
  2. If this a problem we can solve easily we will respond within a week.
  1. If the complaint more complex, we will appoint two appropriate trustees to investigate and respond to you within three weeks. This may involve a meeting with you, or a written response, according to the circumstances and nature of the complaint.
  2. If the complaint is about the policies or procedures of x2y, the trustees may ask a neutral third party to be involved in the investigation.
  3. If a member of staff wishes to make a complaint they should follow the steps laid out in x2y’s Staff Handbook.

Updated: 18 August 2018 To be reviewed: August 2020

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